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All CallSigns - this is SIG MAFia Sunray - Message - Prepare to Copy - Over.
Welcome to SIG MAfia.
SIG MAFia is the nickname for 2nd Battalion Signals Platoon. They're called this because they have their sticky fingers in everything. Like the mafia. Hence SIG Mafia.

I'm Willow, and I am SUNRAY (Commanding Officer) of this Outfit.

SIGs play more as a Support Company, we dart back and forth on the map, bolstering 'Pop' where it's needed. Most of the Boys are Combat Medics and Engies, so we tent to keep the Heavy Assaults, Max's and Vehicles out of the dirt and in the fight.
we battle in squads, together side by side, medics ressing our fallen.
we always move as a squad or platoon, using our numbers to our advantage. you'll always find [MAF1A] tags amongst [7OXS] also Ravens and Falcons.
We always listen to PL Leaders commands, even if it means camping 'C Point'. 

When the MAFia is in the fight, we tend to 'Galaxy Drop' on to Facilities. or lend air support to attacking troops. we have been known to turn the tide of battle with a tank column or two.

leave a comment on here and on Recruitment Night you will be invited to OUTFIT.
For Recruitment nights check the news feed.

This is SUNRAY -  End Message - Out.

24th Feb 2014 · willow · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Recruiting friday after 1700

Tuesday night Squad Up
24th Feb 2014 · willow · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hey guys, we're going to join the 'Zerg' in Indar on Tuesday 24th Feb. If you're, on look for our Squad.

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